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fk Trade International

(a sister concern of Beam Group)

An innovative Plastic Sheet and Cup Manufacturer


We have the most latest state-of-the-art Polypropylene (PP) Sheet and Cup Manufacturing Machines


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We follow strong sustainable process to save our environment
Firstly, when assessing the sustainability or non-sustainability of a product, its life-cycle assessment (LCA) always needs to be taken into account:

The raw materials used, the cost of extracting it, the consumption of energy, water and other materials required to process it; its path to end of life (e.g. recyclable or not); transport costs due to its weight and bulk


Polypropylene (PP):
an eco-friendly plastic

Raw materials such as ethylene and propylene, considered relatively unharmful for the environment, are used to produce polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene, moreover, is completely devoid of chemical additives, for example plasticisers. Producing polypropylene (PP) cups is simple, energy-efficient and has a low impact in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, production residues can be re-processed, thereby minimising waste production.

PP plastic is most suitable for mechanical recycling. Recycling PP cups is very simple, widespread, completely environmentally-friendly, much more so than paper cups. The majority of waste recycling plants recognise polypropylene without any problem, so it can be properly recycled with less energy compared to other plastics. The use of recycled plastics has grown constantly in the last few years and continues to increase. Even if the reuse of plastic in the production of food products is illegal, this does not take away from the fact that if you look at the different recycling systems, PP cups overall deliver the best results.

Because it is physiologically neutral, polypropylene is used in many medical products such as disposable products, spatulas, syringes, cannulae etc.

In this regard, it is worthwhile remembering that medical waste is classified as special waste and disposing of it involves thermal destruction processes in incineration plants. In this sense, polypropylene does not present a problem because it fully decomposes due to carbon dioxide. All fk Trade International cups are produced in PP to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact, coupled with the best waste disposal solution.

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